Financial Aid Forms

Often, students need to file additional paperwork to complete their financial aid processing and receive funding. The following forms are frequently accessed and may be downloaded and printed for your convenience.

If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 605-367-7867.

2023-2024 Forms

Dependent Independent Explanation
V1 Form V1 Form Standard Verification requiring confirmation of information similar to previous years.
V4 Form V4 Form Custom Verification requiring confirmation of High School, GED or Home School completion of student, Identity and Statement of Education Purpose of student. 
V5 Form V5 Form Aggregate Verification requiring confirmation of all information included in V1-V4.
23-24 Asset Clarification Form (Parent)
23-24 Asset Clarification Form (Student)
22-23 Family Clarification Form (Dependent)
23-24 Family Clarification Form (Independent)
23-24 Glossary of Document - Tracking Terms
23-24 Low Income (Parent)
23-24 Low Income (Student)
23-24 Non-File Confirmation (Parent)
23-24 Non-File Confirmation (Spouse)
23-24 Non-File Confirmation (Student)
23-24 Special Circumstances Form
23-24 Validation of Independency
23-24 Verification Insert - 1
23-24 Verification Insert - 2
Satisfactory Progress Appeal Form
2024 Summer Financial Aid Application


Verified Tax Information

As a part of your verification process, the financial aid office must verify to the federal government that the tax information you provided on your FAFSA is accurate.  There are several ways that this information can be provided to Southeast Tech.  Review your original email to determine which options are available to you.

* When verified tax information is followed by a single asterisk, the individual noted must provide a physical copy of their tax information.  Use the Physical Copy link below to find instructions.

** When verified tax information is followed by two asterisks, the individual noted may provide a physical copy of their tax information OR return to the FAFSA and utilize the IRS Data Retrieval Tool.  Use either link below to find instructions for the option you prefer.

Physical Copy   IRS Data Retrieval Tool